furnace repair service in Hermantown, MN

Furnaces can last for years, but when you think about the strain they’re under heating your home on a daily basis it’s no wonder that sometimes things can go wrong or they just need a tune up to get them back in business. At Tollerud we understand that calling out a technician for a repair is really the last thing you want to do, but as with most things the quicker you call us the sooner things can get back to normal, our fully trained team of technicians handle our furnace repair service in Hermantown, MN – a repair is painless when you call in the professionals.

We know how inconvenient it is to be without heat, you don’t realize how often you usually use it without thinking until it’s not there, and it’s probably tempting to call out the first tradesman or company you find with the lowest rates, right? Before you do that, it’s important you know what you’re getting for your money. The heating and cooling industry’s littered with inexperienced or downright crooked companies that don’t care about you or your furnace and are just out to make a quick buck. See below 3 of the most common cons used by heating engineers to ensure you pay handsomely whether you need to or not.

furnace repair service in Hermantown, MN

Expertise and proof of work

If you find a company or repairman without a comprehensive website, online reviews or the ability to show and explain previous furnace repair projects, don’t hire them. Even if they promise you the world and the quickest, cheapest and best possible service, it’s wise to go with a trusted name, known in the area that is up to standard. At Tollerud, all our technicians have undergone rigorous training and mentorship over their careers and all of them are fully HVAC certifiable to industry standards. We also run full background checks before and during their time working with us to ensure that only the best technicians get to enter a space as precious as your home.

Assessment and Advice

All qualified technicians should do a full assessment of your furnace before giving you a diagnosis, along with further details of the process and then the price. If you call someone out who doesn’t do a thorough check and analysis of your system and is sketchy about what the problem is, the price or how long the repair will take – back away now. All furnace repairs are relatively easy to fix if the technician is truly competent. If multiple parts need to be replaced then you might be looking at a few hours but never any longer. Our furnace repair service in Hermantown is here to assist you and our team is flexible and will always try to schedule an appointment or repair around your needs.

Pricing and Peace of Mind

All reputable companies will have a clearly laid out pricing structure which at Tollerud our technicians will draw up for you based on our company pricing plan – it comes with a range of options and financing to suit all budget types – a furnace repair is not really something you can comfortably live without and your comfort is our priority. We regularly offer discounts on our furnace repair service in Hermantown, MN – call us today on 218-879-6698 for more details and booking.