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We all know that like all great things in life, we must do everything necessary to prolong the life of our AC unit. This also means scheduling regular AC maintenance Cloquet MN. However, this is something that seems to be hard for a lot of homeowners!

We use our air conditioners almost every day, and with the summertime almost here we’re going to be using it a whole lot more.

Many of us work hard several days a week and have many things to attend to once we get home. So, we understand that adding yet another chore on top of everything else can be quite a hassle. This does not have to be the case, with our help!

Our sole focus here at Tollerud Heating & Cooling is to work on HVAC units day in and day out. The end result ? Well, so that you don’t have to worry yourself about your cooling units performance.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your unit maintained, and how we can help with a fair portion of it. We are of course talking about when you need AC maintenance Cloquet MN.

Have A Tune-Up Performed At Least Once A Year

Several parts of your air conditioning unit will need to be tweaked from time to time for a number of reasons. The main reason though is that the internal parts and components are bound to loosen and sway from their ideal settings as you use your air conditioner.

What we do is we will lubricate the moving parts, clean the more sensitive parts of the unit, and run a few tests to make sure that the unit is performing the way it should be. A tune-up is fairly inexpensive and doesn’t take much time at all.

Change The Filters & Clean Regularly

One of the most common parts of AC maintenance Cloquet, MN is to have your air filters changed regularly. If it isn’t changed often enough, then it can’t catch a lot of the dust, lint, and other particles that normally are hindered from entering your home..

Your air filter is basically your last line of defense before all this stuff gets to the AC unit itself. So doing that in addition to cleaning your house or apartment like normal will help keep your air conditioner free of anything that’s going to affect its performance.

Have It Inspected For Potential Problems

Calling us to do regular inspections and maintenance is most important because we can often find problems before they happen. We’re trained to catch warning signs of bigger problems ahead and usually we can replace a simple part fairly quickly that may cause that problem later on.

Repair costs for bigger problems down the road can get fairly expensive and you risk having to go without air conditioning for a longer time than you imagined. So if you wanna avoid this and get professional help please give us a call at 218-879-6698.