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Ever had a relative come to visit that just won’t leave? What started as a fun time catching up quickly turns into an extended opportunity for awkward moments. Don’t let the AC in your home be that unwanted guest that lingers on, the decision to get an air conditioner replacement in Cloquet, MN is in your hands.

Act now and avoid a heatwave

When you know your AC isn’t performing, you’re living in a less than comfortable home. Each day this less than cozy environment affects your mood, your health, and your family’s well-being. Isn’t the point of having an AC to let you keep your home at a comfortable temperature? With the potential for a heatwave around the corner, don’t put your family at risk.

Who can help you decide

If you’re not sure about getting a replacement and want a second opinion, Tollerund Heating & Cooling can help. We’re a local business, not part of a chain setup for maximum profit. We have over 68 years of experience helping local Minnesota families get the best value while experiencing the most comfort possible.

It’s not always obvious

Sometimes it’s obvious you need a new AC, when your old one breaks down and can’t be fixed, it’s an easy choice. Most of the time, though, it’s more of a grey area. Think of it like a tipping scale with two potential options: keep your old AC or upgrade to a new one.

When holding onto your AC is an option

Let’s say you decide to try a repair on your old AC. With a fix done, your old AC may be able to hold out a bit longer. On the other hand, you’re spending more on something that’s more likely to breakdown.

Getting an air conditioner replacement in Cloquet, MN

Going for a new AC will almost assuredly cost more upfront than paying for a repair on an older one. While that’s true, you have three distinct advantages.

1. First, the SEER efficiency rating will outperform your old AC and cost you less each month. Over a few short years, that new AC could more than pay for itself. Putting the money for repairs towards a new one is often a wiser long-term plan.
2. Secondly, financing could make replacement an easier choice. If it’s worry about the higher cost getting in the way of a new model over pouring more into repairs, see if financing just a portion of your replacement makes sense.
3. Lastly, enjoy peace of mind. With a manufacturer’s warranty on the unit and our labor warranty on the installation, not only do you avoid the constant possibility of a breakdown with an older AC, you have protection for your new model.

If you need air conditioner replacement in Cloquet, MN or want an honest opinion about repairs, give Tollerud Heating & Cooling a call at 218-879-6698 today. Your family’s comfort is our specialty.