AC installation service in Cloquet MN

What steps have you taken to get your AC installed so far? A better question to ask yourself: what steps have you NOT taken that you should’ve taken by now? Unfortunately we haven’t yet come to the point where you can have AC installation service in Cloquet, MN performed at the push of a button without our help. HVAC units are very intricate and complicated, and that’s why there’s such high standards expected of technicians of we employ. We want you to save as much money as possible, but we also want to have a few other things when you’re going through this tough task…….

What You’re Getting When You Hire Us?

The most important benefit you’ll enjoy when having Tollerud Heating & Cooling install your new unit is having an experienced and trusted advisor helping you at every step along the way. There’s no way you should be expected to know what brand and type of air conditioner you should buy, as well as how much to pay to have it installed. Plus we don’t want you to risk getting everything up and running only to find out that it must be undone. We understand how valuable your trust is, and that’s why we strive to be transparent about everything we will do for you. You just can’t get that when you hire someone who may not be as qualified as us!

The Price Range Of Most Installations

What unit depends on how your house is set up and what exactly you need in terms of efficiency? The average cost to buy a new unit and to have it installed can range on average from $3500 to $7000. The price goes way down of course if you just need a window unit installed, but the complexity of your home’s floor plan will drive up the cost. Then there’s also the amount of efficiency you need, measured by the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), which will save you a lot of money on energy bills if you get a unit that has a high rating. Like we said, it’s not a simple job that you can do on a budget, but having one of us on your side is going to help out a ton.

AC installation service in Cloquet, MN

Hiring Us To Have It Installed

Our team is required to know the ins and outs of working with various ductwork systems, homes of all sorts, and then choosing the the appropriate unit. We can also help you find the right financing, manufacturer rebates, and identify any other factor that can cut down the cost of having an AC installation service in Cloquet, MN handled the right way. This is not a do it yourself job you can learn how to do from YouTube videos! We will inspect your home’s floor plan, provide a wide selection of units to choose from that we recommend, and get it all installed so you can enjoy lower energy bills and a long lasting unit. Please call us at 218-879-6698 today!