Heating maintenance Cloquet, MN

Regardless of the type of heating and cooling system you have in your Cloquet home, now is the worst time for it to fail. If you have not been hiring a professional heating maintenance Cloquet, MN area to maintain your HVAC system for the past couple of months, you should not be surprised if you find it malfunctioning. Rather than wait until the system has failed to call a skilled technician to inspect and repair it, you should consider hiring us to maintain your heater throughout the year.

With regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system, you will not only improve its efficiency, but also enhance its durability considerably. However, if your system is malfunctioning due to lack of regular maintenance services or any other reason, you can call us to inspect it and repair it in a timely manner.  Whether you are using the hydronic or the forced-air furnaces heating systems in your home, we will do a thorough job, with regards to timely and maintenance services, on your system to keep it in a proper working condition throughout the year. Our professional maintenance services focus on various aspects of your heating system, some of which include:

Hydronic Heating System Maintenance

Now that the cold season is here, regular maintenance on your hydronic heating system will ensure that your home remains warm and comfortable, regardless of the cold outside. While there are many do it yourself guides on how to maintain such systems on your own, there systems are not built in the same way. As such, you should refrain from carrying out maintenance services on your heating system, if you do not have the required skills. As such, you should just give us a call today and our expert heating maintenance Cloquet, MN technicians would be happy to carry out routine maintenance services on your hydronic heating system. Some of the services we offer, in this regard, include:

  • Checking the pressure and temperature of the water
  • Examining for possible leaks in the system
  • Lubricating the circulating pump
  • Purging air out of the radiators
  • Flushing and draining the system
  • Straightening fins and ducting the surface of the radiators on baseboard heaters
  • Cleaning soot that may have accumulated on the inside of the combustion chamber of the boiler

Heating maintenances Cloquet, MN

Forced Air Heating Systems

Having been in this industry for more than 98 years, we have worked with an array of forced air heating systems, including the oil, electric and gas powered furnaces. At Tollered Heating & Cooling, we have the experience you need to carry out maintenance services on whichever forced air heating system you have in your home. In this regard, you should expect us to carry out the following services on such systems:

  • Inspection of the filters and blower belt, if your system has one
  • Examining for and removing rust, soot, mold and dust that may have accumulated in various parts, such as the combustion chamber, ducts, and the blower.
  • Inspecting for and repairing any open joints

In all the heating systems, we also check the thermostat to ensure that it is in a proper working condition. If you are looking for certified, reliable, reputable, skilled and professional heating maintenance Cloquet, MN area contractors, give us a call today on 218 879-6698.