If your furnace is more than 15 years old, be sure to consider replacing it. An aging furnace means frequent malfunctions and increased repair and maintenance cost. When looking for a contractor to check on your furnace, Tollerud Heating and Cooling is available at your call. We have been installing, servicing and conducting furnace repairs in Cloquet Minnesota for many years. The good thing is that furnace replacement service Cloquet MN offers quality furnaces to its clients. For this reason consider the following when replacing your furnace.

Increasing breakdowns and repair costs

An aged furnace malfunctions frequently due to wear and tear. When this happens, be sure to call us for an urgent assessment. Our team of highly experienced technicians may perform troubleshooting and advice you accordingly. If the cost or repair is 50% or higher of the cost of installing a new furnace, be sure to consider replacement. This is the rule of thumb no matter the age of your furnace. Be sure to consult with our experts to give you a detailed analysis of cost vs. benefit of replacing a furnace.

Rising monthly heating utility bills

Tollerud Heating and Cooling has experienced HVAC professionals. When you call us to inquire on increasing monthly heating cost, we inform you to your satisfaction. Increasing cost comes with a drop in efficiency and age of equipment. This means higher costs during the heating season. With that in mind, be sure to contact us to ascertain the cost of running your current furnace against what you stand to save on a replacement. With an AFUE chart, we may help understand how much you may save per dollar you will spend.

Put all the factors into consideration

Considering age, repair costs and monthly heating bills alone may not be enough. For this reason, you need to weigh in all the factors before you replace your furnace. For the best choice, contact us. Tollerud Heating and Cooling are experienced in installing all furnace brands including conducting repairs and carrying out maintenance service. Call us today and schedule an appointment.